Tumbling & Acro

Classes For Every Skill Level

Tumbling Classes

At CESG tumbling is what we do! Our tumbling classes follow a curriculum that not only focuses on skill progression with proper technique, but also goal setting, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, friendships and building confidence. From beginners to advanced tumbling, we have a class for every athlete.

Tumbling Team

We are thrilled to offer our tumbling students the opportunity to compete and perform! Along with your regular tumbling class, Force team members meet weekly to work on competition routines. We travel to local competitions at area gyms, where our tumblers get to compete routines in their skill level! No tryout necessary – this team is open to any tumbling students at Cheers! Along with competitions, Force also performs at two yearly recitals (Christmas & Spring) and local events!

Level 1 Tumbling

Beginning with basic tumbling skills, we work to teach safe and proper technique to build your child’s tumbling foundation on. We focus on body positions, forward and backwards rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, bridge ups, kickovers, handstands and backbends. This is the perfect class to start at any age!

**Required skills to move up include: rolls, cartwheel, round off, back bend kickover and front limber)

Level 2 Tumbling

Once the basic skills are mastered, its time to step it up! This class focuses on POWER! Skills learned in this class include front and back handsprings, power tumbling, front walkovers, variations of back walkover and back extension rolls.

**Required skills to move up include: front and back handspring, front walkover, and proper technique of other skills

Level 3 Tumbling

This is where we start focusing on running tumbling, round-off back handspring series, aerials, back tuck technique and different tumbling combinations! We work HARD on really getting these skills in a safe and strong way so our tumblers are confident to take the next steps!

Level 4 Tumbling

Once our tumblers are able to throw back tucks, its time to start layouts, twisting, and front punches! This exciting class is for elite tumblers who have big goals set!

Tumbling 101

We offer the BEST class for those who just really need to get a back handspring! Learn the skills they needed for school cheerleading, hip hop or just for fun! Although a back handspring is our main goal, we also work on front handsprings, and any other tumbling skills desired.