Creative Outlet Through Dance

Dance Classes

If your child can’t help but move to the beat, we’ve got a great program for you! Our instructors will choreograph age-appropriate routines, while teaching fun technical skills and tricks.

Jr. Divas Tap/Jazz Combo Class

This exciting class for K-5th graders focuses on friendships, goal setting, fun and coordination! We perform in two yearly recitals (Christmas and Spring) and also at local events! No experience is necessary to join the fun! Learn some sassy, jazz dance and also have a blast in tap!

Jr. Hip Hop (K-5th) & Sr. Hip Hop

What’s more fun than dancing with your friends?! NOTHING! Hip hop is the perfect class for those girls who just can’t stop dancing! Building confidence through performance, making new friends and learning self expression are some of the goals for our students! Absolutely no experience necessary to start your journey as a hip hop dancer!


So many little girls dream of being a ballerina! We love that and are here to help make that a fun experience for them! We follow a fun, educational curriculum to help our students learn poise, flexibility, gain confidence and of course have fun! We perform at 2 yearly recitals (Christmas & Spring) and also local events! It’s never too late to learn the art of ballet!

POM / Kick

High school, college and professional dance teams are so fun to watch! We like to help our students prepare for the future with this awesome class! Sharp motions, kicks, flexibility, performance skills, & confidence are some of the important goals for our poms girls! Our girls perform at two yearly recitals (Christmas & Spring, and also local events! Leaps, turns and other dance skills are taught in this class along with upbeat fun routines!

Sr. Combo

We created a class just for our older dancers who want it all! We work on mental focus, goal setting, broadening horizons and team work in this class! This is a weekly jam-packed two hour class! This first hour is spent on leaps, turns, flexibility, technique and physical fitness. The second hour is where the REAL fun begins learning many different styles of dance including jazz, tap, lyrical, & contemporary! We perform at two yearly recitals (Christmas & Spring) and local events.

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