Tumbling Skills Check Week At CESG

This week we have worked hard in all of our tumbling classes checking skills! Each child gets the opportunity to demonstrate each skill in their level. We then mark on their checklist: “Just Starting”, “Working On It”, or “Mastered”.  I always point out that “mastered” doesn’t mean it’s perfect, it means the skill is being executed without a spot and would allow you to advance to the next level.  Even Olympic gymnasts take time to practice their cartwheels and round offs!

We have four levels of tumbling at CESG — just 4! Don’t get caught up on your child moving to the next level. Each skill level is full of important skills necessary to progress. Victories in tumbling aren’t always a big exciting trick, sometimes straight legs or better body control are more important than anything!

Take a minute to talk to your child about their personal tumbling goals. Talk to their teacher about what they can do at home to help reach them! Sometimes adding a second tumbling class each week will give a child the extra time and practice they need to master a skill they are stuck on! We have so many grit to glory stories in the gym of girls who never gave up and eventually reached their tumbling goals – maybe even YEARS later! Everyone progresses at a different pace. For example, I have 3 girls who have all grown up inside the gym. My oldest can tumble like crazy, and was doing back handsprings in preschool. My middle child has very limited shoulder flexibility and struggles with bridge ups and backbends. These girls grew up with the exact same classes and opportunities to tumble, but everyone is different!

We love to tumble and learn new skills, but at CESG our main goals are always helping kids gain confidence, make friends, and have fun!


Miss Ashley

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