May 2nd, 2006 – The VERY first Cheers! class ever!

“It’s not the glitz of the uniform, but the SPIRIT that shines within.”

In 2006 owner Ashley Vest had a dream, one mat and a bag of pink pom poms. Her goal was to make sure that every little girl got the opportunity to be a cheerleader! We are proud to say that this dream became a reality! Originally located inside Jamz (now the Complex), Ashley began teaching a handful of girls cheerleading and tumbling. The kids have always been the main focus at Cheers! We are happy to say that two of the little girls who came on the very first day, have been in our program ever since! (Will graduate Spring 2017!)
Eventually we moved our tiny program in a tiny building off the Bolivar square. It was basically an office but we were proud of it! We continued to grow and Ashley also traveled (with mats loaded in her truck) to Lockwood on Mondays and Stockton on Thursdays to teach tumbling classes!


When we finally couldn’t fit in the “office” anymore, it was time to move once again! Our next building had space but oh was it HOT … and COLD! No heat and no air made for some interesting times, but also great memories along the way!

Finally in 2011 we moved to our current location! Our program has blossomed to include all types of dance along with cheer and tumbling. We believe our gym is a family, a place where kids can come and feel safe, learn new skills, make friends for life – and most importantly build self confidence. It is our pleasure to teach these children and watch them grow up into amazing young women. We hope to help them on their journey with the end result being confident, strong young women who set goals and work to reach them!